Portfolio — Yezzz!


Bright mobile operator from Ukraine

Scope of work:

Logo design
Brand identity
Retail and interior architecture
Packaging design
Brand book

Fozzy Group, the biggest commercial and industrial company in Ukraine, has recently launched its virtual mobile operator created in collaboration with Vodafone Company. So far, performed with one tariff only the operator has offered the guests of Silpo supermarket chain plenty of services and advantages, such as convenient commission-free account replenishment via cash-desks, extra-points credit to the loyalty card and, what is most important, quite understandable and easy tariff package of services.

New brand Yezzz! is a Ukrainian product with the outspoken European style. Special approach toward branding development qualitatively distinguishes it out of the well-known local operators by making it the brightest and the most remarkable one. The name Yezzz! is a comprehensive emphasized exclamation emerging from English affirmation ‘Yes’, appearing more voiced and resonant in this interpretation. The identity idea is based on the capital and symbolic first letter from the name.

Even within the colourful diversity of the environment typical for the sales areas of the supermarkets the branding of the operator attracts the audience attention immediately due to its singularity. The ‘Y’ shape is static but at the same time the sign doesn’t have fixed colour or pattern. The brand integrity is successfully reached due to its complex volume graphics and unique decision in 3D-format texture overlay specially developed for the project. Within the volume rendering process the product acquires new sudden colours, tries the spontaneous and distinctive patterns, decisions and prospective on, pointing to its flexibility and plasticity.

Year: 2016
Site: yezzz.ua