Expertise — Website design and development

Website design
and development

The site is a reflection of the brand through the prism of digital marketing. A resource of any category must fulfill a number of strategic tasks that must be considered at every stage of the development by all project participants. Only the detailed structure of the site, taking into account all the nuances, creates a high level of usability, which ensures a high conversion to the site, as a result, an increase in sales, awareness and consumer loyalty to the brand.

Adaptive layout and design, which provide a perfect display of pages on any device, from phone screens to 4K monitors, become a must have to increase the proportion of users using mobile devices to browse websites. To create high-quality UI / UX design, it is necessary to constantly monitor technical innovations, be able to anticipate future trends and analyze the behavior of the target audience.

Website development and launch is a complex of services for creating a design concept, layout, programming, writing, content processing, and testing, which will eliminate errors from previous stages of work. Special attention should be paid to the content; copyrights should match the brand`s tone of voice and be receptive to consumers, and high quality visual content within the same stylistics.