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Vincent d'Astrée

French Champagne Brand

Scope of work:

Logo design
Brand identity
Packaging design
Product design
Print materials

Vincent d'Astrée experience is cherished with history starting from 18th century. The times when in the very heart of the famous wine region of France was taken the first drink of wine made by the Benedictine monk Jean Oudart. Already in those days Pierre village in Champagne was the most favoured place of the French nobility, and nowadays the terroirs are ranked Premier Cru as the most favorable area for harvesting the best varieties of vines. Brotherт Oudart sealed the bottles with two stars. Due to the further patronage of St. Vincent we now have the opportunity to admire the unique bouquet of Brut, Rosé, Vintage and Cuvées d’Exception from Vincent d'Astrée.

To date the brand has not just preserved the true historical traditions of making the wonderful drink, but has become one of the world’s trend-setters in winemaking art. Its church essence has gradually transformed into the symbol of joy and divine pleasure. The renovated character has undergone radical changes, and to substitute the monk’s silhouette a refined diamond was chosen. It is some sort of the metaphor symbolizing the chalk soils of Champagne. Chalk is crucial not only in grapes’ ripening but also makes it possible to set up dry and clean wine cellars right within the limestone layers. Shape of the logo resembles ‘V’ letter. Angular edges are polished to shine and add volume to both logo and pattern that supports the idea of the precious stone.

All the elements of the new design feature the expense and irreproachable quality effect. Silver, golden, pink, green and inherited from the previous image colour of the night sky obtained the peculiar metallic shimmer on the labels. Calm-shaded prints create the illusion of engraving on the metallic texture. Stainless steel is one of the materials enabling grape juices to give the whole spectrum of flavours when the mystery of the wine making takes place. The label obtained its multi-layer idea and became more pleasant to touch. The collar label features the stripe enveloping the bottle’s neck. It is fixed with the brand diamond to prove the highest quality.

Year: 2014
Website: www.vincentdastree.com