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Villa Krim

Украинские вина с особенным дизайном

Scope of work:


Villa Krim has been making high quality wines for over ten years. The wines are produced from only select grape varieties of European quality such as Saperavi, Merlot, Cabernet, and Chardonnay. Production takes place in modern wineries. The wines have a distinctive afterglow and a rich velvety taste and shine. Talented European winemakers helped to develop the wine formula, which recreates the distinctive taste of bright cut and varietal wine.  

Our primary task was to update the outdated design, making it more attractive and catchier for both Ukrainian and international consumers. And, in doing so, embody the product’s image and solidify its position among the best semi-dry, semi-sweet and — to a greater extent — dry wines, tell its story, and make it stand out on the shelf among competitors' products.

The imitation carving of the capital letter “V” — the first letter of the Villa Krim wine label — is a key decorative highlight which makes the product easily recognizable and eye-catching. A clean and concise design on the textured paper surface is complemented with bright color accents — the year of bottling and the name of the wine. Individual, bright, emotional — with no doubt, this wine deserves high attention.

Year: 2012
Site: villakrim.ua