Portfolio — Vandwell


Company that designs and builds houses in Vancouver

Scope of work:

Logo design
Brand identity

Vandwell Homes — is the strong figure within Canadian real estate market. Development, investments, land acquisition are the core services of the company. Extensive geography of the world’s second largest state formed totally changeable climate conditions within each of the regions. Because of this fact Canadian houses are considered to be some of the most long-lasting, warm and safe ones. They are supposed to stand extremes of temperature, high humidity, and stay esthetic and affordable to the vast majority of consumers at the same time.

Philosophy of Vandwell Homes is pretty obvious, ‘life may be complicated, but arranging your home space should stay simple’. By working with the best architects and interior designers of Vancouver Vandwell creates really inspiring and unusual, still comfortable and cozy projects. Every potential customer, planning home improvement, makes decisive choice for many years. It is the place to host the best events in the life of each member of the family, due to what corporate style should not just be appealing, but create confident sense of comfort and trust. Guided by these principals, it was enough for us to rely upon the intuitive perception of warmth and security, which transformed into the well-developed system of characters and signs.

The company’s motto is ‘Design. Build. Live’. To draw up the logo it was agreed to settle capital ‘V’ letter into the cozy bent frames of modern buildings. The tool enabled it to support brand’s philosophy in the most user-friendly manner. 3D technique and the same stylization idea are followed in the ‘dotted’ patterns of the company. It can be used depending on the situation and its purpose of usage. Though the components of the pattern are quite simple and clear, the total design turned out to be as informative and technological, as possible. Color decision chosen contributed to the general idea of lightness and transparency, exactly matching the core principals of Vandwell Homes.

Year: 2013
Website: vandwell.com