Portfolio — SUB Energy

SUB Energy

Energy drink with 3d effect

Scope of work:

Logo design
Packaging design
Creative concept

Sub energy drink is packed into the classically-shaped black cans with the repeated silver stripes applied on the bottle surface. It is peculiar that the stripes code the first letter of the brand’s name, its integrity being preserved. You’d think, what else could attract the spoilt with the up-to-date technologies audience! However, just one glance and you believe, the optical trick has captured your mind.

The essence of such branding is to find the special extraordinary outlook able to transfer the idea of the drink, such traditional branding techniques, as transmission of logo into the packaging, being avoided. The tight idea exposes sensations and is able to break any understanding of planes previously formed. You will certainly wish to check by touch whether the lettering works in 3D.

Flames and other aggressive characters are now out of date. Nothing special, it is just you and the qualitative design, able to achieve the impossible. Each line of the Sub packaging stands for a pulse rate. The pulse that appears only in case you drink Sub. The pulse that is given to feel by the chosen only. Should your fridge got cramped, be sure, the new energy drink has already occupied the needed space and its pulse matches yours.

Year: 2015
Site: cofilling.com