Portfolio — Shabo «Special Edition»

Shabo «Special Edition»

A special collection of wine with a swallow on its label

Scope of work:

Label design concept
Illustrations and identity elements
Layout and prepress

Ukrainian wines have received awards at international contests for many years now, all due to the considerable potential of local terroirs. The centuries-old traditions of Shabo wine-making formed the foundations for the creation in 2003 of Shabo company, the Ukrainian wine-making complex with a full production cycle.

This year, the company presented a new collection of Shabo wines Special Edition with a modern design. Swallow was chosen as a key image of the line: a simple positive symbol with a very expressive and beautiful graphic shape that distinguishes it from other birds. Previously, none of the competitors had used swallows in their design, so the niche was free to take.

There are two major sections in the collection — semi-sweet and dry wines. Semi-sweet wines depict a large swallow that is carved in the label to attract the eyes of buyers from afar. On dry wines, the swallow is made noticeably smaller and is depicted in the seal. In such a way two sections are visually separated from each other. In addition, on the bottom label of exclusively dry wines, you can read the words of Chabot Louis Tardan, the founder of the settlement, about the unique nature of this wine region.

Year: 2021
Site: shabo.ua