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Logos and Identity

Identity is a set of elements on which the visual communication of the brand with the consumer is built; it is designed to increase awareness, to ensure the identification of symbols with the company. Our main task is to identify a unique idea that will become the foundation of all graphic components and principles of brand visualization.

Inspire to create a concept can, as large-scale factors, such as: mission, values or competitive advantages, as well as minor details from history, style or association. As part of the project, we are developing three full-fledged concept designs, each of which is a long-term visual solution.

All elements of style from the logo to the design of branded souvenirs should correspond to a single brand concept. Identity originates from the development of symbols, where the logo is the basis of the style, the slogan is the lever of communication with the audience. Finished corporate style is fertile ground for creating Brand Book, where recommendations on the use of visual constants are fixed.

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Packages and Labels

Packaging today is not just a marketing tool, but also an effective element of communication with the consumer; it is often it plays a major role in purchasing decisions. Therefore, it is very important that all design elements make the right impression and work to the benefit of the brand. A prerequisite is compliance with the brand positioning, preferences of its target audience and market characteristics.

The main task of packaging, besides the preservation of the product, is undoubtedly sales, but this is not the limit, a good design can greatly increase the competitiveness of the brand, significantly reduce advertising costs and become a real bomb for social media. Collaboration of strategy and creativity plus a great professionalism of the team are the necessary components in the development of a unique packaging design.

Any design begins with an idea that is subsequently implemented into a concept. Synergy of aesthetics and technical characteristics must be taken into account in the development of any design concepts, because packaging must not only be attractive to consumers and distance the brand from competitors, but also be responsible for the product safety. The portfolio confirms our experience, where more than two hundred successfully implemented projects, the majority are now sold on shelves around the world.

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Naming and Copywriting

Naming is the core of the marketing strategy; without it, it is impossible to build a distinct positioning, with the name the product begins to turn into a brand. Therefore, when developing a name, it is important to begin with studying a brand; understand its values, features and advantages, study competitors. Name is always a big responsibility, as a rule, the name lives longer than labels, logos and other promotional materials, it does not change in connection with new visual trends, its change is associated with global perturbations in the ownership structure or product launch to a new market.

Professionally prepared concepts of name are a complex work connected with complete immersion in the client’s business environment and an associative array of images that clearly convey the mission and goals of the company. Every day, hundreds of names are born in the world, so it is becoming more and more difficult to generate a new unique name every day and this is a challenge for copywriters. The most effective approach is ordering naming in terms of branding - a complex of works on the introduction and promotion of the brand on the market.

It is very important for new players not just to enter the market, but also to “shoot” by distancing as much as possible from other participants. For a good result is not enough erudition or literary taste: experience with commercial names is needed here. In addition to key factors, it is necessary to take into account: monitoring of names for the presence of similar ones on the market, uniqueness - checking patent clearance, evaluating web addresses and social media accounts. The result of the work on brand name is a unique name that broadcasts the values and nature of a business, product or service.

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Brand strategy

Positioning is a reflection of the brand in the minds of the target audience, based on consumer insight and brand essence. The key task is to convey rational and emotional benefits: product features, price, and image. Positioning is a range of works including research and analytics, where an important step is the brand audit.

The process begins with an understanding of the key drivers of the market and the current positions of the product in relation to competitors, which will help to find out the most successful points of product differentiation, which will later become the basis for brand positioning in the segment. A strong brand gives us confidence in the quality and a prerequisite - obtain satisfaction from the purchase of goods or services.

Positioning strategies have a wide range, but it is necessary to take into account the specifics of the market and features of branded goods. An essential step in the development of the concept of positioning is the creation of graphic and creative solutions, because the visual perception of the brand is one of the factors shaping the relationship to the product, the design broadcasts to the target audience the main communication message that reflects positioning.

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