Portfolio — Plus


Dessert Product for the European Market

Scope of work:

Logo design
Brand identity
Packaging design

Plus candy bar is the milk chocolate plus sweet dessert produced for the European market. The low-calorie substantial snack targeting children audience as a small treat and adults wishing to recharge energy within a working day. 100% natural, doesn’t take too much space and widely available both throughout the store shelves and impulse purchases zones.

The candy bar packaging is supposed to be prominent on the market, clear to the customers of any age and advertize the content’s usefulness. Depending on the filling there are several options of colour combinations of silver, golden, purple, orange, brown, green, red, white. The bright palette attracts both kids and adults and provokes to check what’s inside.

Logo stands as the inscription with soft round-shaped lines, ‘U’ letter hiding ‘+’ sign, which is repeated within a multi-colour pattern as well. The ‘Useful, nourishing, delicious’ tagline is shown with capital letters of the easily readable typeface while another paragraph features somewhat quirky handwriting to emphasize brand’s friendliness and edibility. The very stylish snack bar created for those who wish to have a healthy snack.

Year: 2013
Website: nestle.com