Portfolio — Persha Klyasa

Persha Klyasa

Austro-Hungarian restaurant from Lviv, Ukraine

Scope of work:

Logo design
Brand identity

In the very heart of Lviv, in Market Square, the authentic restaurant Persha Klyasa featuring true Galich colouring welcomes its guests. Now each guest has a splendid opportunity to taste aristocratic cuisine of Austro-Hungarian times, combining the best culinary delights of Balkan, Hungarian, Czech, Polish, German and even some French and Italian cuisines. It is only here that you will be offered the refined meals of gentlemen at reasonable rates. This very concept is reflected in the original name of the restaurant, all from interior to the proficient serving and presentation of the dishes is first-class only, the true sophistication is being served under the playful sauce. The smallest details convey Austrian generosity of the ancient Lviv times.

The atmosphere set by a famous Czech-Moravian painter, designer, illustrator, poster artist of the XX century as well as the founder of the unique ‘La Femme Muchas’ style is reflected within the concept of the place. His style has also been preserved in branding and identity of the restaurant. The so-called handwriting of the phenomenal artist is clearly recognized due to the special aesthetic, refined sense of taste and distinctive charm. Complex composition of the corporate pattern repeats the idea of the playing cards back design. Within the Art Nouveau style logo there is a typical intricate plants detailing with oriental tunes. In the centre of the coat-of-arms one may easily observe the harmonious play between the capital K letter and number 1 that form the symbol of the restaurant brand name. The fonts chosen correspond to the general corporate style.

Shades selection is also not accidental, as each of the colours from the palette conveys placidity, luxury and elegance, intentionally making the brand look older. Besides a silhouette of the hummingbird, the acknowledged symbol of exclusivity, wealth and good taste, becomes one of the key figures of the brand design. The favoured bird of the lords and noble grounds will friendly welcome you within one of the restaurant halls and may be will spice your meal with its fascinating singing.

Year: 2012
Website: pk.lviv.u