Portfolio — Paprika


Fast food restaurant from Saudi Arabia

Scope of work:

Logo design
Brand identity
Print materials
Packaging design
Advertising materials

Despite of the great variety of fashionable restaurants existing, fast food restaurants are fairly in constantly growing demand around the world. Paprika is a famous brand from Saudi Arabia combining within its menu the most popular fast food dishes, but cooked with a special eastern taste and homelike flavour. Freshness and high quality of the ingredients enabled the restaurant to gain the trust of family and youth audience throughout the native land and conquer the globe’s leading fast food restaurants.

Perspective of the entrance to the international level and frequent franchising requests from the investors explained the need to strengthen the company’s corporate strategy as well as the brand itself. The updated logo features the freshly-cut into pieces pepper. It is about to turn into the scented spicy paprika, which wouldn’t be any eastern cuisine dish without. The cut lines have also moved to the company pattern proving the organic ingredients used.

Natural colour palette prevailing in pepper assortment is translated into the updated style. Green, red, yellow, orange are always attractive within any cuisine of the world, awaken the appetite in a moment and when used in design increase brand’s recognition. Delicious, natural, fast are the main associations arising among the visitors. Friendly font is clear even to a child and disposes the nutritious snack during the family leisure outdoors. Paprika features favoured dishes that sound in their special way.

Year: 2014
Website: paprika.com.sa