Expertise — Packages and Labels

and Labels

Packaging today is not just a marketing tool, but also an effective element of communication with the consumer; it is often it plays a major role in purchasing decisions. Therefore, it is very important that all design elements make the right impression and work to the benefit of the brand. A prerequisite is compliance with the brand positioning, preferences of its target audience and market characteristics.

The main task of packaging, besides the preservation of the product, is undoubtedly sales, but this is not the limit, a good design can greatly increase the competitiveness of the brand, significantly reduce advertising costs and become a real bomb for social media. Collaboration of strategy and creativity plus a great professionalism of the team are the necessary components in the development of a unique packaging design.

Any design begins with an idea that is subsequently implemented into a concept. Synergy of aesthetics and technical characteristics must be taken into account in the development of any design concepts, because packaging must not only be attractive to consumers and distance the brand from competitors, but also be responsible for the product safety. The portfolio confirms our experience, where more than two hundred successfully implemented projects, the majority are now sold on shelves around the world.