Portfolio — Nataly Bolshakova

Nataly Bolshakova

Ukrainian luxury interiors design studio

Scope of work:

Logo design
Brand identity
Print materials

Ukrainian interior design studio by Nataly Bolshakova is engaged solely in Luxury class sector. It is the team of young progressive highly qualified professionals headed by their leader, a talented designer and SBID (The Society of British and International Design) member. Their irreproachable ability to satisfy tastes of the most sophisticated experts of excellence has already brought the company up to the international level market and surely provided awards within numerous famous competitions. The key requirement of the target audience of Nataly Bolshakova may be summed up within one sentence, they choose exclusively the best. They are successful self-sufficient individuals who never chase the sales, but aim to the uncompromising refinement, ultimate comfort and functionality.

The core of the logo is formed by the capital letters of the company name ‘N’ and ‘B’ enclosed in a diamond. Nataly Bolshakova is the true diamond among the interior designers worldwide that hardly the fewest can afford. The concise logo is geometrically proportional and perfect, just like the king of stones itself that has become the embodiment of excellence and luxury. Applied as the main the anthracite colour with intensive metallic shine perfectly matches the soft-blue and warm-grey and personifies generosity and profundity.

The original simply-shaped pattern emphasizes brand adaptability to each given project.
It is some kind of a so-called multi-purpose gift wrap. Textural and very expensive it holds a special luxury-grade present, prepared for those having all and now aiming to solely a special surprise of exclusive quality. The new branding is also distinguished with the unique readable font, which is easy to perceive. It facilitates the prompt communication within the eternal designer-client chain. Expensive, luxurious and classy are just the very things the chosen strive for!

Year: 2016
Website: nataly-bolshakova.com.ua