Portfolio — Morshynska


Redesign of the largest water brand in Ukraine

Scope of work:

Bottle shape
Label design

Morshynska, one of the most expensive brands in Ukraine and timeless leader of the water market, has completely updated its visual image. The new bottle is much more comfortable and pleasant to hold in your hand and now contains 15% less plastic thanks to the use of innovative technologies in designing and manufacturing the bottle. This is a very important step towards preserving the environment in Ukraine.

In addition to the bottle itself, Morshynska has also updated its look. The logo is now larger and simpler, the embossing of geometric spruces and mountains looks more modern and noticeable, and the size of the bottleneck and the crown-lid was reduced to make the bottle lighter. The label of the new Morshynska bottle has a more minimalistic look, with its shorter height and smaller number of elements depicted. Only elements key to brand recognition remain.

The brand has received an evolutionary redesign. Nearly two years were spent on implementation and testing. Most customers will not even notice the difference, but if you put the two bottles side by side, the difference is evident. The color of the carbonation level (blue, white, and green) remains unchanged in order to preserve continuity with the old design which customers are used to.

Year: 2020
Site: morshynska.ua