Portfolio — Morshynska “Pine water”

Morshynska “Pine water”

A product line with pine needle extract

Scope of work:


“Morshynska plus Pine Water” is a new product by Morshynska, packaged in a shiny aluminum can. The recipe for this innovative product includes Morshynska natural water, pine needle extract, and natural fruit and berry juices. “Morshynska plus Pine Water” comes in three different flavors: mint, lemon & magnolia-vine, and blueberry & blackberry, so each consumer can find a product that suits their taste.

Along with the product launch the Morshynska logo was redesigned, the brand was given a new font, and the new product names were written in Latin characters with the prefix “plus”. Each flavor of water features unique, lush illustrations of its natural ingredients within the overall “Morshynska plus Pine Water” can design concept . Each flavor has its own natural color palette which enhances the visual effect and makes it easier to find your favorite “Morshynska plus Pine Water” drink on store shelves.

“Morshynska plus Pine Water” contains no  sugar, preservatives, or artificial flavors and colors. A “0% sugar” mark is prominently featured on the front of the can as a key product benefit. This is a groundbreaking product in the Ukrainian market unlike any domestically produced competitors, so it was crucial  to preserve a clear relationship to the Morshynska master brand as a guarantee of excellence for consumers.

Year: 2019
Site: morshynska.ua