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Morshynska «Junior Z»

Generation Z Natural Water

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Morshynska Junior Z is a new product in the Morshynska brand portfolio. This sub-brand is designed to promote healthy lifestyles, sports and natural water consumption among teenagers. The product is at the core of two large projects — the launch of Morshynska Junior Z, a new format of natural water for teenagers, and Junior Z, a movement created by Ukrainian activist and showman Oleksandr Pedan. The movement aims at introducing alternative sports like frisbee, cheerleading, rugby, badminton, korfball, and floorball into schools’ physical education curriculum.

Morshynska Junior Z comes in three vibrant and dynamic designs containing sports and youth themes and the spirit of competition. The product label contains many different graphic elements designed in a contemporary style. This saturated design effectively grabs the attention of both target audience and older generations of consumers.

The mix of rich colors is an unconventional solution for a product line of non-carbonated water, while sports symbols complement the central illustration of two mirror images which communicate team spirit and the will to succeed in competition. Children easily pick up on  emotions and are not attracted by static images, so the entire Morshynska Junior Z product line is filled with dynamic elements and conveys the vibrant energy of sports.

Year: 2019
Site: morshynska.ua