Portfolio — «Marengo» Sparkling Wine

«Marengo» Sparkling Wine

Ukrainian sparkling wine brand

Scope of work:

Logo redesign
Packaging design concept
Design elements

Sparkling wine Marengo is a bright and modern brand that brings a sense of truly festive mood to friendly companies. In a world that keeps moving it is important to constantly update to be on trend which is why the design of Marengo continues to evolve together with a fresh mind and new content.

First of all, the logo has changed. The bending of the font part which previously severely limited the ability to change its position was completely removed. The logo itself became more even and visually more noticeable due to its placement closer to the centre of the label. The coat of arms was outlined from scratch in a more elaborated fashion preserving the main features of the old one. The label changed its shape — the angular style was replaced by the round and smooth lines to be more attractive for the female eye.

The key task of the evolutionary redesign is to maintain brand awareness by improving the readability and quality of details. The main color scheme is preserved but the colors of the capsules, for example, have been changed to become more noticeable on the shelves and unique among competitors. And the final touch in updating the line was the development of an additional element «1982» indicating the year of the company's foundation, and its integration into the coat of arms and other design elements.

Year: 2021
Site: bayaderagroup.com