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Beauty salon from Lviv, Ukraine

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Logo design
Brand identity
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To be beautiful is not always a sequence of natural features, not everyone can guess that it is mostly about your own choice. Absolutely any woman and in any age can be beautiful in her own way, you should listen to yourself a bit and make some efforts. And nowadays there are all opportunities to get professional advice and help in this important activity. This time Reynolds and Reyner approached the closest to the beauty industry to make every lady’s journey toward her true self easy and pleasant. l’Original beauty salon located in 6, Smolskoho street in Lviv offers its clients unique and really qualitative beauty services.

Highly-qualified professionals and administration team are doing their best to help the customers to distance themselves away from the outer irritating factors and simply gain certain privacy by forgetting everything else. Wide choice of cosmetology treatments, innovative equipment techniques and professional products enable the specialists to develop individual skin, body and hair beauty care and support procedures. The logo concept is based on the image of a lady with flowers-patterned hair. As it is the womanhood that make up 80% of the salon customers. Tender ornaments underline natural attraction and fill the female character with lightness and refinement. To support the effect natural silhouettes appear in corporate pattern as well.

Do agree fascinating look slightly covered with the curls endows her with certain mystery. She is not trying to conquer with hypocrisy and vulgarity; she is just staying in self-harmony, and with this gathers delighted looks even more. Everyone requires some sort of mental refreshment, the spontaneously spent time apart from the plot that made life too dry and predictable. And if not a flight ticket, why not dedicate a day to some light metamorphosis within the city frames. As by visiting beauty salon there is a risk to both, burst into blooming outside and undergo remarkable inner transformations, acquire self-confidence and charge the environment with positive spirits. A woman pleased with herself is the guarantee of healthy atmosphere and happiness within any family. And you did notice Cupid’s arrows on the corporate stamp.

Year: 2013
Website: loriginal.com.ua