Expertise — Logos and Identity

and Identity

Identity is a set of elements on which the visual communication of the brand with the consumer is built; it is designed to increase awareness, to ensure the identification of symbols with the company. Our main task is to identify a unique idea that will become the foundation of all graphic components and principles of brand visualization.

Inspire to create a concept can, as large-scale factors, such as: mission, values or competitive advantages, as well as minor details from history, style or association. As part of the project, we are developing three full-fledged concept designs, each of which is a long-term visual solution.

All elements of style from the logo to the design of branded souvenirs should correspond to a single brand concept. Identity originates from the development of symbols, where the logo is the basis of the style, the slogan is the lever of communication with the audience. Finished corporate style is fertile ground for creating Brand Book, where recommendations on the use of visual constants are fixed.