Portfolio — Liverpool English Pub

Liverpool English Pub

Classic English Pub from Ukraine

Scope of work:

Brand strategy and platform
Brand identity
Retail design and architecture
Packaging design
Brand identity guidelines
Brand compliance support
Exterior design

While working on this project, it was very important to show its relation to traditional England, especially to Liverpool city that is the namesake of this pub. English means traditional, qualitative and conservative to the whole world and the city is steadily associated with The Beatles, the legendary Fab Four. Still the foundation of the 60s popular rock band is far not all Liverpool is known for. That is why our work was started from the thorough research of the city’s history and its key elements: the coat-of-arms and the name.

The symbol of Liverpool is the liver bird which like phoenix or sirin birds exists in mythology only. Of course it is not the only symbol of the city, but also its famous football club. The ‘pool’ element in Liverpool is the reference to the city’s proximity to the sea. Following our research, we decided to combine three main elements into the pub’s logo: the liver bird, the sea and the specific heraldic design style used throughout Great Britain’s history and dates back to the time when Liverpool was founded. These elements were chosen to contribute to the brand identity.

Each attribute is clear and bears the idea of historical honour and adherence to the traditions. ‘V’ letter of the inscription imitates bird’s wing, while ‘O’ letter was put on sales at all. The specific waves became a part of the coat-of-arms as well. Hence port cities with their busy trade routes and young people aiming to realize dreams have always been distinguished with a special flavour. The total image is fairly ornamented with crown to support royal spirit of Britain. The total identity creates atmosphere of comfort and though the style is deliberately aged, it doesn’t look boring; in contrast it is fresh and trendy.

Year: 2011
Website: liverpool.lviv.ua