Portfolio — Le Silpo

Le Silpo

Ukrainian delicacy markets chain

Scope of work:

Logo design
Brand identity
Print materials

Le Silpo, the Ukrainian chain of premium-class supermarkets, is the part of Fozzy Group retail stores company, which is one of the largest Commerce and Industry Groups in Ukraine. The chain stores concentrate the biggest variety of world’s original delicacies, their recipes having been perfectly-tried by their producers for centuries. The rebranding idea is based on the fair succession to the previous logo. Both Italic font pointing to refinement and expensiveness and the crown as the symbol of victory and sustainability have been preserved. Its non-trivial image creates the effect of gleam and glitter resembling chef’s hat as the symbol of exclusivity of the products offered.

It is the perfect space for the gourmets to surprise even those who saw the life pleasures, and the comfort in details strikes the most sophisticated minds. Justified by your expectations Le Silpo has blossomed into bright and light shades that benefit from the contrast toward the golden gradient of the inscription. It, being designed in accordance to all requirements toward perfect proportions and shapes became very exquisite and individual. Which is easy to perceive especially when accompanied with the live music which you will enjoy during the shopping.

Two types of the creative design stamps compliment the corporate identity and emphasize the high status of the brand. Specially designed pattern follows the mail colour variations of the new style. It consists of simple elements structured into complex composition just like the goods allocation main principals, visually and accessibly. With such looks Le Silpo may easily match European environment. Rates range is out of question here as well as freshness of the products, as your special dinner could wander in its depth of sea around two hours ago. Bon Appétit!

Year: 2016
Site: fb.com/lesilpo