Portfolio — Lazur


Collection of sparkling wine with Italian charm

Scope of work:

Logo design
Brand identity
Packaging design
Product design
Print materials

"You may have the universe, if I may have Italy" — the Roman commander Flavius Aetius applied to Attila the conqueror in the famous opera by Giuseppe Verdi. The land that gave to the world the greatest sculptors, leaders, poets and artists, cannot make anyone stay indifferent. What to say about the centuries’ winemaking secrets, which delight the present and get true aesthetes even more excited with each year, since they learnt how to produce wine around 1000 years before Christ. Lazur sparkling wine is made by mingling the selected wine materials produced exactly in ‘Bel Paese’. The brand’s name traces its Italian roots being associated with the Cote d’Azur (the Russian for ‘Azur’ is ‘Lazurnyy’), relaxation, holidays, Riviera, coasts, beaches and the sea, of course.

The very idea is also used in its packaging. Each detail is thoroughly developed, as the label resembles sea navigation compass creating the adventurous and pleasant atmosphere. Having explored various elements of Italian heraldry, we handcrafted the coat of arms, featuring lions, knight helmets, ribbons, crosses and even a five-pointed star, each having its original meaning and background. The inscription «Veni, vidi, vici» is not accidental as well, as Julius Caesar’s victory exclamation has nowadays become sacramental. Just like in the past Antiquity it symbolizes quick victory triumph. This is the way the drink is called to touch with its taste senses of the most sophisticated gourmets.

Applied in the stamping way typical for the Roman architecture, it enriches the design with antique shades, creating the effect of expense and authenticity of the product offered. In addition to the bottles and gift packaging an exclusive set, consisting of cooler and 6 irregularly-shaped champagne glasses were developed. They symbolize ship sails playing with the wind on the way toward the unknown. The design is able to create charming solitude atmosphere of overseas vocation, even if you remain in the possession of stone jungles, while it is Her Majesty Winter reigning outdoors. The project is exquisitely implemented in expensive colors and shades, inherent in natural materials, which become even more valuable with the course of time.

Year: 2015
Site: seibagroup.ru