Portfolio — LaPierre


Nail polish brand from New Orleans, the USA

Scope of work:

Logo design
Brand identity
Packaging design
Retail and interior architecture

LaPierre Cosmetics Company got its name after J.M. LaPierre, the founder’s mother, who died in 2014 of cancer. Since then the brand has regularly been donating $1 from each bottle of nail polish sold to support people who fight the disease. The previous LaPrierre logo contained the Roman figure III, since the founder’s mother was the third child in the family. We preserved the idea after the redesign, but supplemented it with ‘L’ and ‘P’ letters that resemble and epee of a French musketeer, being as ideal and sharp as the nails covered with LaPierre.

The symmetric golden logo matches the matte environment perfectly, while its connected components symbolize adherence to the family values. Rich generations’ experience set the highest self-requirements while developing the brand what explained the irreproachable quality of LaPierre products. The incomplete visualization of one element of the corporate inscription makes us guess the missing line, enriching the character with a special French charm and some mystery.

‘La pierre’ comes from French and means ‘stone’, that is why we inserted the idea of the fractured stones into the corporate pattern, to emphasize the hidden meaning of the name. The broken fragments texture is applied with a separate layer, providing the background with expressive depth and chic. The content of such package has no right to be compromising. By choosing LaPierre do experience how much the manufacturer values its brand-name.

Year: 2015
Site: lapierrecosmetics.com