Portfolio — Landini


Italian sparkling wine

Scope of work:

Brand name
Logo and identity
Packaging concept
Corporate pattern

A Mediterranean warm evening, friendly Italian atmosphere, inspiration, beauty, and relaxation. All it lends itself for a good drink. Wine is what is delicious, stylish, and refined. But corkscrewing is problematic, boring, and difficult. A compromise was reached in a light wine drink accompanied with a stylish designer Landini jar.

The drink is of a true Italian origin, and we were obliged to note this fact in the design. The outline pattern shows a map of Italy which indicates the place of wine manufacturing, Castel San Pietro Terme (CSPT), the commune in Italy. The effect of Italian origin was underpinned by the coat of arms in the form of the crown which was designed. It also contains the droplet abbreviation of the place of production (CSPT). The drops formed many other design elements, for example, the names of tastes and background. By design, they subconsciously give the consumer an understanding that the drink is sparkling/carbonated.

A matte black background was chosen as the main color. Because it is the black colour that gives premium and elegant touch to the design of the drink. The brand name Landini developed by us is positioned twice: on one side it is placed horizontally, decorated with a pattern of droplets, and on the other side it has the large vertical inscription. This duplication approach makes it easier for consumers to find their favorite jar of beverage, regardless of which side faces them on the shelf.

Year: 2021
Site: newproducts.com