Portfolio — Cognac "Reserve" by Koblevo

Cognac "Reserve" by Koblevo

Ukrainian cognacs from the Koblevo region

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Koblevo Reserve is a line of cognacs by Koblevo brand, a leader in the Ukrainian winemaking market. Koblevo cognacs are produced at our own modern enterprise, which makes cognacs in accordance with classic French traditions—from growing grapes, distillation, and blending to the bottling of the finished product. This cognac expresses its distinctive character through its unforgettable taste and aroma. These key factors ensure continually increasing consumer demand and the loyalty of true connoisseurs of high-quality cognac.  

The modern design of Koblevo Reserve line emphasizes the status and premium nature of the brand. Moreover, the updated bottle shape with its elegant lines highlights the exquisite taste of the drink. The new design reflects straight lines and the sophistication intrinsic to this elite cognac. The label shape is reminiscent of the old-fashioned traditional military uniform of count Thomas Cobley, founder of Koblevo region, hearkening back to the history of the cognac and the personality of the count.

The engraved signature of Cobley himself adds charm and exclusivity and serves as a guarantee of quality. The red line in the logo reminds us of the red ribbon which was a part of count Cobley’s uniform and takes us back to those days of old. Cognac Reserve V.S. has a lighter label, while the label of cognac Reserve V.S.O.P. is of premium black color. The design of Koblevo Reserve conveys the refined taste of cognac aged in oak barrels with the addition of 7-year-old cognacs to the blend. The new design highlights the flawless character of this intrinsically royal drink.

Year: 2019
Site: koblevo.ua