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Koblevo cognac «Reserve»

Brandy collection from Koblevo region

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Koblevo Reserve - a line of brandy brand Koblevo, one of the leaders of the Ukrainian wine market. Koblevo brandy is produced on its own modern cognac enterprise, which has a full cycle of production - from the cultivation of grapes to the bottling of the finished product. Cognac is distinguished by its distinct character and handwriting of taste and aroma. It is these key factors that determine the constant need for growth, increased loyalty from the product audience, and the reach of the new audience. Therefore, the formation of new categories and unique lines is a must for Koblevo.

The updated design of the Koblevo Reserve lineup distinguishes it from other beverage brands, emphasizing the high status and high quality of the manufactured product. The refined bottle shape with its elegant lines emphasizes the refined taste of the beverage. The shape of the label resembles the traditional uniform of Thomas Koble, the founder of the Koblevo region, referring us to the history of cognac and the personality of the founder. The grainy signature on the side adds charm and exclusive product. The red line in the logo resembles a red ribbon that was part of the solemn form of the graph and brings us back to the Koble era.

The design of Koblevo Reserve delivers a soft and refined taste of cognac, aged in oak barrels, with a unique recipe and cooked-in blend. In a new form, cognac emphasizes the perfection and character of this royal drink. The new design reveals the harshness of shapes and lines, the elegance and refinement that is characteristic of elite cognac. Reserve V.S. Cognac, which will easily be recognized among others by the light label, and the brandy Reserve V.S.O.P. which is characterized by a black label, will perfectly taste the lovers of the product, convincing them in an ideal combination of shape and taste.

Year: 2019
Site: koblevo.ua