Portfolio — Kings


International Tea Brand from Shi Lanka

Scope of work:

Logo design
Packaging shape
Packaging design
Transportation boxes

More than half a century history of Kings Ceylon tea as well as strict competition terms within tea industry made it necessary to refresh package design for the brand of one of the world’s most popular drinks. As the product is offered within several parts of the Earth at the same time it must meet the expectations of the consumers having at times too differing mindset and culture. That is why the best way to represent the product is to make a special unique design for it. The valuable throughout time green gold with the updated modern look is supposed to attract a younger purchasers’ category and hold the leading positions.

Tranquility and measured pace of Sri Lanka valleys with its unique covered with haze orange sunsets merged with the prim English spirit of the tea. The design offered preserves the main royal deep blue colour highlighting the premium-grade of the content with golden, green, blue and orange prevailing. They are the natural shades showing throughout the local sceneries. The inscription font with some elements slightly guessed is now more refined and light, almost transparent as well as the drink itself.

The patterns applied remind the motherland of the healing leaves since it is easy to recognize curves of the jungles and tea plantations of the pearl of the Indian Ocean. It expresses the entire beauty of the lands cherished with the tropic sun and seasonal rains. It is here that all the year round the unseen trees generously give fruits which come to the package cover directly from the exotic gardens. That is why to present the fruit line the frank white background is chosen. It underlines the original advantages of the natural component by placing the full-colour juicy fruit to the forefront.

Year: 2014
Site: jaftea.com