Portfolio — Ji Qing Li

Ji Qing Li

Limited collection of exclusive tea from China

Scope of work:

Logo design
Packaging shape
Packaging design
Transportation boxes

Ji Qing Li tea brand was created under the influence of the world’s famous fashion designers and their works. It is a classic Chinese tea which is shown with its absolutely new modern look. It was crucial to transfer premium-idea via design, as it is a special blend issued in a very limited amount. The reason is that the product itself is genuinely unique even within tea regions of the planet. It is harvested in March and April only and even on this stage not all materials pass strict quality control for further processing. Since chemical composition of the tea leaf is quite complicated and for the drink to give the precious features and taste, each sample should be healthy, perfectly shaped, -colored and -sized. It is only the highly experienced technologists and up-to-date equipment, which reveal and provide the desired prospective of the ultimate concentration of valuable components upon the moment of production.

The brand guarantees the best quality and taste of the product offered. And it is quite easy to explain why such tea can be purchased only when booked in advance. Ji Qing Li is to be that perfect fit for the contemporary luxury yacht clubs and suites mostly visited by its target audience. The brand was supported with the logo showing the letter “Q” integrated into the pattern with tea leaves and the exclusively shaped packaging which required effort-taking technological preparation and tests. Its unique construction prevents the box from deformation and damage, providing decent outlook of the good after shipment. Moreover, the design is developed the way to provide the tea with the storage conditions recommended by the manufacturer.

Corporate pattern and surface texture of each bottle increases their esthetical and tactile qualities, making perception of the product pleasant and clear on all levels. Original boxes with one angle cut away prevent it from overturning and confirm its brilliance from any side. Colour combinations chosen are not typical for the most famous tea brands, but they never distort the main meaning, and such design sooner transmits the key message of the brand. It is a decent contribution toward the highest level event that will leave a flavouring taste for many years. The final result met the client’s expectations having delivered the idea of both being natural and premium and having a brand new look.

Year: 2014
Site: jiqingli.com