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Hlibny Dar

Legendary Ukrainian vodka brand

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Hlibny Dar is a Ukrainian vodka, which has embodied the greatest quality, integrity, and loyalty to Ukrainian traditions for over 10 years. Moreover, the brand has been recognized by global rankings, has received many distinguished awards, and takes its rightful place among the top three leaders. The new packaging design emphasizes the product’s authenticity, tradition, and quality. And most importantly, for the first time, the label contains a patent for a technology that improves the filtration of the vodka. The quality design finely reflects the quality of manufacturing.

The new design’s updated logo is more readable. The basic graphic elements are now more modern, while preserving their sense of tradition. The taste identifiers are larger, making it easy to find the right taste within the product line. The shape of the bottle was also changed and is now taller and slimmer with a new original engraving. The choice of natural colors emphasizes the natural ingredients.

International alcohol elites have taken a particular liking to Hlibny Dar. They are even fonder of the new design, which appeared on the shelves in November 2019. Hlibny Dar is about love for people, their work, for feasts and gatherings of family and friends, for Ukraine, for the homeland and its traditions. It’s also a heartwarming decoration for any table, alongside traditional salo with garlic.

Year: 2020
Site: khlibnyi-dar.ua