Portfolio — Franck Labasse

Franck Labasse

Pastry store from Bordeaux, France

Scope of work:

Logo design
Brand identity

France is the recognized fashion-setter, as well as the land of luxury and pleasures, and it is not surprising it appears to be home to more than half of world’s most famous and beloved desserts. The fact explains the highest competition level between the modern confectionery shops in the country of Gauls. Continuous flow of tourists and centuries-old traditions make producers of the tempting bakery, soufflé and chocolate pieces of art constantly improve products quality and originality. With over a 15 years experience in the industry, Labasse’s decided to launch the chain of his own and started the story from Pessac, the Bordeaux town.

Exceptional premium pastry, both traditional and contemporary, made the base of the menu. It is quite expected that logo and the whole identity of such exclusive offer are supposed to look ultimately refined and esthetic. As per customer’s request, ‘L’ and ‘F’ monogram formed the main logo idea, its handwriting presentation being the fair key toward individuality of the corporate style. Each of the dessert items completed with such decorative element becomes a true masterpiece. Like an artist able to touch with his talent the true connoisseur’s soul, Franck Labasse managed to seek his own language of the culinary painting, with the only difference that his canvas will remain as the unbelievable taste sensations and visual delight of each of the visitors.

We chose color palette with equal responsibility as well. The gourmet’s eye is gently pleased with such expensive and deep moods as ‘golden Bordeaux’, ‘red wine’ and especially delicious ‘apricot confiture’. Such assortment confirms the highest grade of each of the tasty pieces, since the superb quality ingredients only are combined. It was particularly important for the Labasse brand to have a strong visual identity from the very beginning, as the shop relies heavily on foot traffic and would need to draw customers in from either with the prominent signboard, or the chef’s name. In this case the first confectionary-shop is launched and is totally competitive to many large ones in France.

Year: 2013
Website: fb.com/francklabasse