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Saving Energy Drink

Scope of work:


We present to you the revolutionary thirst quenching energy drink packed in the stylized extinguisher cylinder. Like sudden fire, which is rapidly spread around the neighbouring objects causing irrevocable damage, energy loss can be harmful for the human body. Just the very moment when you are about to achieve your goal there may not be enough strength to make the final accomplishment. Exting is your emergency to renew the energy and water balance which is always within the easy access.

Together with the unique packaging design the project features naming option. Exting is the merge of the two notions ‘extinguisher’ and ‘exciting’. No other way! The red coloured extinguisher-shaped bottle informs that you better shouldn’t wait until the alarm system is triggered and the fire-brigade arrives. The low-calorie drink enables you to restore vitality and prevent your body from overheating.

The corporate inscription performed with the printed caps letters makes the motivating effect. One of its elements stands for the fire extinguisher bell. The detachable upper module doesn’t affect the tube’s usability and provides as easy access to the content as in case with the real equipment stated by fire safety rules. Exting is the choice of the world’s sportsmen. Normal can during the party? Yesterday’s news! When it is as hot as fire, it is high time to take radical measures.

Year: 2017
Site: exting.com