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Ukrainian company specializing in decor

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Domio Home Interiors is the well-established team in the means of qualitative home interior decor of luxury style. The targeted audience of the project is ranged with exceptional sense of style and the highest requirements toward each detail. The best offers of world-famous manufacturers, such as Hermes, Dr. Vranjes, Bentley Home, etc. are introduced at the salon. That is why the brand appeals to the customers in the very language understandable to the chosen, who have the highest standards of comfort coded within their minds. Design of home space as the most precious thing for those who achieved personal and professional excellence has been steadily trusted to Domio Home Interiors in the recent years.

Constant desire to gain brilliant results has inevitably led to the idea it is high time to improve the company’s identity. The totally modified logo is represented with a graceful canary, the symbol of prosperity, luxury and wealth. One could often see the playful bird living in the noble houses of the past times. Smooth curves of the swing personify sense of elegance and comfort, while its sketchy image points to the sophistication within simplicity. The round-shaped and compact font reminds about continuity and permanency. Exclusivity is emphasized with a refined Domio Group manuscript, as the additional element of the new design. To be of the highest quality the printed products will now be produced in Europe.

A special attention was paid to the main colours selection. Ochre is the warm natural shade so much beloved by the artists due to its ability to match other colours of palette, open the intensity and add natural volume to the object. It is a long time since comfort and placidity have become the synonyms of ochre. Green obsidian is the volcanic lava rock. It reveals the potential of creative people, establishes connection with the energy of Earth and is some sort of blessing. Both of the colours symbolize harmony and unity with nature, are a great match to the gold and mean stability and adherence to traditions. Create your unique style together with Domio Home Interiors.

Year: 2016
Website: domio.ua