Portfolio — Deck of Scarlet

Deck of Scarlet

Color Cosmetics Startup Company from the USA

Scope of work:

Logo design
Brand identity
Product design
Packaging design
Communication concept
Graphic design

Deck of Scarlet is the trendy youth cosmetics brand that keeps up with the times. It is unique with the fact that since the first day of its presence in fashion- and beauty-market it has taken the best out of the up-to-date technologies and marketing tools to promote the product successfully in the USA and further throughout the world. As the confident partner of Hearts and Spades innovative project it breaks the frames of simply make up. Its key mission is to provide the target audience with the leading tendencies of day- and nighttime looks and instructions of the appliance. Like the brand itself the entre identity is supposed to be totally different from the things previously happened within advertising catalogues. It is the ultimately fresh idea initially delivered via design.

Monthly in collaboration with Youtube video hosting service the team of make-up artists and qualitative cosmetics producers publishes the tutorial videos with another pair of looks. By paying $25 per month each customer gets a new palette with the relevant colours and later in the year the 12 options are expected to form the complete beauty set. The idea of the two opposite looks Day&Night forms the base of the identity. Complex logo is constructed of the 2 quadrate palettes of shades, that form a lips-shaped silhouette, and to kill any doubts regarding its feminine nature at all the character is completed with a birthmark.

Such look supports freedom of choice and desire to change in the name of beauty. To match the dynamic temper of the brand a zigzag pattern of black and white combination is chosen. Due to the solution the desired 3D-effect is easily reached. One of the customer’s suggestions was to use neon-yellow and black colours, what resulted into high-class luxury look. The multi-layer boxes combined with various structures, as well as matt and glossy mixture remind once again that it is easy to try new looks with Deck of Scarlet and all of them will look great during the best period of each lady’s life.

Year: 2016
Website: deckofscarlet.com