Portfolio — Colier


Limited collection of elite champagnes from France

Scope of work:

Brand identity
Packaging design
Digital design
Graphic design
Design concept

Conceptual collection of Colier elite champagne targets business-ladies, the world’s major consumers of sparkling wines. The more limited the issue is expected to be, the more scrupulous is to be the approach toward designing of the packaging of the valuable present. Since the smallest outer detail is able to turn the fortune-scale question either up or down. It is now a scientific fact that a female draws her conclusion concerning of the given situation within 3 first seconds, while accustomed to making efficient decisions within business environment, she is able to reveal false and truth at a glance. This is the reason why the design ought to hold the exact balance between luxury and fame, still not overacting with splendor.

The line is limited and offered within several options: Classic brut, featuring 23 luxury sets in a classic style with an exclusive bottle and square box; and Premium Vintage brut, limited to just five sets, featuring a handmade bottle in a cocoon container with the centre of gravity at its bottom. It makes it sustainable due to monkey-Bonkey principal. Moreover the container is able to keep temperature, so that the champagne remains cool within a long time. Efficiency and usability are some of the features highly appreciated in the world f stresses and deadlines. Each of the packages is able to easily engage in a dialogue with the smart female intuition, as if hinting, there is something truly worth her attention inside the box.

Both of the collections have one feature in common; there is a necklace round the bottle neck. Exquisite design and functional packaging were developed given the esthetic and practical preferences of the modern women, due to what Colier won’t leave indifferent any of the females. The figures confirm Coiler will never be a random purchase. The one to choose the champagne of this kind as a pleasant compliment, is totally conscious of the actions. Any negotiation skills ever known become useless when the refined bottle shape, perceptible surface texture and noble color decisions are taking the lead. Colier will certainly become effective non-verbal communication tool where a woman stands as the main recipient.

Year: 2010
Site: colierwinery.com