Chernigivske: The Largest Beer Brand in Ukraine
Scope of work:

Logo design
Brand identity
Print materials
Packaging design
Advertising materials
Retail and interior architecture
Graphic design

Prior to its 30th anniversary TM Chernigivske, the largest Ukrainian beer brand, has recently started to change its development strategy targeting the consumer as the personality even more favouring history and traditions still expecting more up-to-date and beautiful brands showing throughout the store shelves. Within the frames of the new campaign launched under the motto ‘I believe means I can!’ it was of the highest importance to interact with the customer as well as meet up the expectations both in total strategy and in new design means in particular by replenishing it with the most familiar elements and offering them in a new appearance.

The more Ukrainian audience is changed the more leisure time philosophy is changed in quality meaning. Due to what the prior design never fulfills its initial task. A glass of beer today is the culture of learning the world and identifying ourselves in this world. Each day here is a dynamics, a new emotion, a new taste and new scenery behind the window. It is quite evident that design required transformations toward the more stylish and European look. The new authentic font is totally handcrafted. The dear old known palette of golden, red, silver and black colours combined with a concise updated logo makes the favoured brand as visible as possible on the counters. The letter ‘k’ with a prolonged element offered within the logo is deliberately styled to look like Latin script to make the design acquire fresh Western shades. The transliterated name ‘Chernigivske’ is presented within rebranding strategy with the same purpose.

National origin doesn’t mean the product to be cheap and of the lowest quality. Nowadays it proves to be esthetic, decent and fashionable, emphasized with values that cannot leave indifferent both Ukrainian customers and the demanding sophisticated Europe. The stylized Ukrainian tunes are embodied within the label patterns in a minimal way making the brand closer to each one inspiring with the historical experience and energizing with predecessors’ spirit. The unique natural effect is reached due to the appearance of the stylish beer barrel- and hop-shaped stamps.

Year: 2017

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