Portfolio — Chernigivske «Titan»

Chernigivske «Titan»

Strong beer sub-brand

Scope of work:

Label design concept
Illustration and identity elements
Layout and prepress

A novelty from Chernigivske is Titan sub-brand, it has come to replace beers called Mitzne and Maximum. The taste of beer perfectly balances with an optimal strength of 8% absorbing the rich taste and at the same time incredible softness of classic light beer. Connoisseurs will have a chance to try this specialty in two flavors, Light and Unfiltered.

One of the tasks while developing Titan design was to expand the category of consumers to whom it was necessary to convey the message: strong beer can also be effortlessly drunk. The basis of the composition is formed by the name and silhouette of a courageous silver-colored Titan depicted on the dark background, as if reminding us of the connection with the ancient titan gods.

The naming of Titan fits very well into the design. Firstly, it is short and therefore the letters could be made capital so that everyone could read instantly from afar. And secondly, the name is very simple and familiar. It made it possible to have it in Latin adding a premium touch to the name of the bottle.

Year: 2021
Site: chernigivske.ua