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Non-alcoholic beer collection packaged in cans and bottles

Scope of work:

Logo design

Packaging design


A non-alcoholic beer is separate line in the range of TM "Chernihivske". Beer doesn`t lose its unique taste and aroma of hops due to the technology of vacuum evaporation of alcohol. Practicality is highly valued for nowadays nonstop rhythm. That`s why non-alcoholic "Chernihivske" is presented in a classic tin can, which is convenient not only to take with you, but also to enjoy a truly beer taste on the run.

The renewed design of a non-alcoholic beer can distinguishes "Chernihivske" from its competitors and the bright red element in the form of a sign on silver looks stylish and concisely. The main emphasis in the design is given to the information that the drink is non-alcoholic for easier identification by the consumer among a wide range of drinks. The glossy silver surface of the can gives a feeling that beer is always chilled.

Today beer is one of the most popular drinks in the world. It`s a drink that unites people of different nationalities, professions, and political convictions. The brand "Chernihivske" is the leader of the Ukrainian market thanks to the love for its work. It's been thirty years since the first "Chernihivske" was brewed for the first time in a small brewery. Much has changed during this time except the quality and strong beer taste.

Year: 2017
Site: chernigivske.ua