Portfolio — Chernigivske Lager

Chernigivske Lager

New product of the Ukrainian beer brand

Scope of work:

Logo design
Brand identity
Print materials
Packaging design
Advertising materials
Retail and interior architecture
Graphic design

A distinctive feature of "Chernigivske" Lager is the production technology. To give the taste of beer saturation and softness, the brewers used three varieties of Ukrainian barley. Due to the high-quality ingredients in beer, you can feel lighter notes of spice and caramel. “Chernigivske” Lager has a rich soft taste, amber-golden color, hop aroma and pleasant bitterness.

For a new sort, a completely new modern bottle of the premium category has been developed that can be assessed by both loyal and potential consumers of the brand. In addition to the unique form, its design is complemented by a decor in the form of a signature “Chernigivske”, symbolizing the quality mark, and a unique seal, inspired by both ethnic motifs and modern minimalistic trends in design.

The brand gamma of gold and red in combination with a laconic label fully corresponds to communication within the platform of the “Chernigivske” - “I believe means I can” and makes a new sort of beer “Chernigivske” highly visible for the target audience. Thanks to the developed writing of Lager, gold on a red label, the product is easily identified on the shelf among the entire brand line.

Year: 2017
Site: chernigivske.ua