Portfolio — Chernigivske Bile

Chernigivske Bile

Unfiltered beer of Ukrainian brand

Scope of work:

Logo design
Brand identity
Print materials
Packaging design
Advertising materials
Retail and interior architecture
Graphic design

The design of “Chernigivske Bile” and “Bila Nich” is unique, but at the same time, it maintains continuity with the updated main line of the brand. “Chernigivske Bile” is the first unfiltered beer in Ukraine, which has been maintaining production technology for 15 years. To reflect the advantages of the product, to convey the tradition and love of the brand to brewing were developed modern authentic symbols, which built an associative range between the taste of beer and its visual concept.

AB InBev Efes company practices recycling of tare, so the amount of reusable tare in the total amount is 70%, therefore the bottle itself and the carving of labels had to remain unchanged. It was important to preserve the traditions and breathe new life into the label. The shape of the bottle, label and a range of branded colors became the canvas for creative activities and gave impetus to create a memorable design that combines modern trends and a rich brand history.

The effect of crafting in the design of “Chernigivske Bile” and “Bila Nich” was achieved due to scrupulous elaboration of details. A unique font was created, which was perceived positively by the target audience, and the symbiosis of Cyrillic and Latin allowed to ensure that the bottles look fresh and in a European way. Now the taste of “Chernigivske Bile” and “Bila Nich” in harmony with the modern and spectacular label, creating a single brand identity "Chernigivske".

Year: 2017
Site: chernigivske.ua