Portfolio — Breaze Cars

Breaze Cars

Luxury electric taxi service from Hong Kong

Scope of work:

Brand strategy and platform
Brand identity
Retail design and architecture
Brand identity guidelines
Digital design
Graphic design
Research and development

Breaze Cars is more than just a way to get from here to there. It’s the way to do it in style, and without the guilt. Company operates the world’s first and only fleet of luxury, chauffeur-driven cars that are all electric, meaning they will exhaust no harmful emissions that can damage the environment.

And since our cars will be booked with web-based and smartphone applications, using our service will be very easy. And what is more peculiar our taxi service is free of charge! But not for everyone. Each car will be sponsored by a leading luxury brand, which will host our passengers on their trips to home, the office, meetings, dinners, shopping or any other destination around Hong Kong. Joining is simple, but exclusive.

The customers are supposed to possess Platinum or Back Credit cards, be members of an exclusive club, or TOP-managers of the large successful companies. But once accepted, getting around Hong Kong will never be the same again!

Year: 2014
Site: breazecars.com