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Luxury real estate agency from Miami

Scope of work:

Logo design
Brand identity
Print materials

Borluv, the team of sophisticated professionals in luxury real estate construction, development, renovation and investment issues, is based nowhere but in Doral, a true oasis in South Florida, Miami. CNN Money fairly ranked the city as 51 within top 100 ones offering the best combination of business and rich lifestyle opportunities. Borluv is not just a 17 years experience in building, construction and development industry, but the entire philosophy of making a marvelous dream come true. They know precisely the customer and the WHY of each of them and always do the high-standard services. The target audience consists of the demanding and hi-end investors and buyers with strong sense of high quality life and time values. Life is definitely worth making investments into to be stylish and fabulous. So the logo is intended to do the perfect matching between the two perfect parties of business.

A lot of ideas and complex details that are decently perceived with an experienced eye of a successful customer and are distinguished out of a numerous quantity of offers in the market are efficiently united within the new design. The idea of the previous coat-of-arms has been preserved but with the new look it has become even more perfect and trustworthy. One of the rampant lions gained the unrestrained force and was accomplished with curved multiple details, while the other transformed into the bareback horse at all, quite an expressive heraldic symbol. Both of the figures have always had the irreproachable reputation of strength, power, stability and reliability for the mankind. One finds here a key to a new home and stairs leading to the new level of life. The crown features the company’s motto, saying ‘Be Royal, Be Borluv’. It is totally a new way of thinking and living to its fullest.

The distinctive identity is also traced in colour decisions, blue symbolizing stability, excellent glory and loyalty to the traditions, gold promising luxury, wealth and abundance, and pink indicating limited aspirations and prospective to follow the dream. The total branding concept itself carries the main mission of Borluv to provide the customer with both confidence, and effective investment solutions. What if dreams do come true? You are about to experience this.

Year: 2015
Website: borluv.com