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Bolgrad Classic Wine

Classic Line of Wines’ Collection

Scope of work:

Bottle shape
Label design

Wine of Bolgrad is the drink with rich history. It dates back to 1821 with the architecture of Bolgrad bearing witness to. The city hosted the vintage wine warehouse, one of the core enterprises of those times. So far, there is an extensive range of dessert, dry and semi-sweet wines distinguished with soft and easy taste within TM Bolgrad. The original bouquet is harmoniously combined with any dishes, fruit and delicate desserts, hard and soft cheeses making it a perfect match to cozy family leisure or large-scale banquets.

Redesign of TM Bolgrad started from semi-sweet line, consisting or 12 types of wines. Within the frames of the project the unique identity design was developed. It includes the company BG monogram, standing as an extra distinctive element of the brand, ‘Classic Collection’ manuscript signature and the upgraded logo design. The key identity elements will form the redesign basis of all the products within the Bolgrad umbrella brand portfolio. It is the bottle that has undergone changes as well. A new masculine silhouette with wide shoulders and smoother transitions toward the bottleneck has been developed.

The capital letter ‘B’ unique label cut forms the core design element, and, combined with the new identity, stands as the powerful communication tool with the consumers and the competitors’ removing obstacle. Bolgrad wine means enjoyment for living without any rules and prejudice. No matter whether it is red or white wine, served with fish or Thai noodles, the most important is the company of dear close friends to share the unforgettable moments with. New modern tendencies never matter when one simply wants to enjoy the tasty wine.

Year: 2020
Site: bolgrad.ua