Portfolio — BFM


Modern drugstore chain from Ukraine

Scope of work:

Logo design
Brand identity
Print materials

BFM (Bureau of Pharmacia and Medicine) is the new in the health industry European level drugstore chain, the first office having been open on the territory of Shalimov Institute in Kiev. The company mainly supplies the medical establishment and its patients as well as the medical complex in general with all necessary up-to-date medicines and related products of the highest quality.

The unique corporate pattern is multifarious, features volume and expansion. At the heart of the logo there is a triple plus of soft shape and smooth curves offering some 3D-effect. There is a positive life-affirming connotation only, no more snakes or banal frightening symbols. Now to take good care of health is prestigious, pleasant and trendy. The corporate identity is characterized with the rare colours. The main palette gradient calls for trust with its symmetry, calms down and promises smooth and positive results. That is the very effect the new and progressive generation nowadays requires.

It became obvious within the creative search and researches that the company name itself (Bureau of Pharmacia and Medicine) requires certain changes, this is how the compact and original abbreviation BFM emerged. It consists of the first capital letters of the Latin transliteration of the name. The fonts are drawn up the way to emphasize business-friendly nature of the new brand. BFM drugstore chain promises effective results, quality and style.

Year: 2015
Website: byurofm.com