Portfolio — Bauchet Père & Fils

Bauchet Père & Fils

The largest champagne brand in France

Scope of work:

Logo design
Brand identity
Advertising materials

Bauchet Père & Fils team is fully involved into the winemaking process starting from the soil fertility care where as soon as tomorrow the healthiest juicy vines of the exclusively highest varieties will see their Champagne sun rays and to the first taster’s sip. Over 34 ha of the productive terroirs spread themselves throughout the 7 world’s known Mediterranean vineyards. All the facts explain the uncompromising approach to the creating the flavored masterpiece due to what the updated design is to reflect in its best way the highest quality of the content, production techniques and crafts traditions knowledge, elegance and authenticity. That is why to avoid the tired winemaking symbols was the main restriction within the creative process. The drink is worth something more.

Since Bauchet story has been covering a century period of the growing from scratch family business, the product quality reinforced with experience and practical secrets is constantly increased. As the result the logo displayed the eternal theme of love between father and son as a symbol of attachment and generation heritage. Moreover unlike the previous version it is to be distinguished with simplicity. Though breakaway from simply the initial ‘B’ was the producer’s original wish, eventually the rotated 90° and merged with a heart letter turned to be the major distinguishing quality mark. Simplicity and elegance are transferred with the neutral colour palette prevailing within the design. The updated style uniqueness is proved with the totally handcrafted font.

The present design features French Art Deco motives with its luxury and beauty. Being occurred from modern style it was its commitment to uniqueness that distinguished Art Deco between the two trends. Thus the specific sun rays, ethnic patterns, broken lines and graphic images as well as frame- and contour shapes are easily recognized within a new outlook. The whole picture is clearly perceived both in coloured and black and white presentation. And the very moment the sunset rays are cherished in a glass filled with the noble drink the sophisticated connoisseur choosing Bauchet will realize how perfectly the design and the content match each other.

Year: 2013
Website: champagne-bauchet.fr