Portfolio — Bank «Vlasny Rakhunok»

Bank «Vlasny Rakhunok»

Ukraine's first digital bank in retail

Scope of work:

Logo design
Corporate identity
Print materials
Packaging design and cards

Modern life demands bold decisions from banks. Thus, Fozzy Group, together with Mastercard, took another step towards new technologies and remote service, and launched Vlasny Rakhunok Bank. This is the first integration of a loyalty programme of one of the leading Ukrainian retailers into the banking system of Ukraine.

The new brand is founded on the identity and Vlasny Rakhunok loyalty programme base by Silpo. The programme has been used for many years by more than 14 million clients. We added our emotions to it: love and care for the users. Finally, the third element that helps us to use any modern application is easily tapping and swiping with the finger on the smartphone screen.

Various emotional treats have also been included in the app of Vlasny Rakhunok Bank. For example, if you notice a bug or got some negative experience, as a way to say sorry you will get a sugar bun bonus from Silpo. In addition, it is very easy to track bonuses and quickly manage your capital. You can replenish the card and transfer money with no commission, easily accumulate funds with «Nazbiratus» (Saving money tool) and get some other cool perks.

Year: 2021
Site: bvr.ua