Portfolio — Azov


Sparkling wine collection from Taman Peninsula

Scope of work:

3d visualization

«Azov» tends to strengthen its positions throughout the market of noble sparkling wines. Powered with international level facilities as well as highly experienced staff intuitively able to reveal the slightest shades of wine culture brand needed the new identity program totally corresponding to it prestigious status. Adherence to traditions and constant improvement of staff and equipment potential enabled the products win customers’ trust and raise the wine making process up to the art level.

These factors determined the renovated heraldic identity with business accents. Logo role is assigned to the detailed golden state-of-arms with the two-headed eagle, a symbol of leadership and power. It is notable that the total brand character is distinguished with the expensive metallic shine due to what it simply strikes the eye among the wide drinks assortment. Every little detail of the label and the collar-label are carefully drawn to confirm manufacturing process thoroughness on each stage.

Complex elements of the name provide the font with volume and laconic shape as if advertising growth and movement prospective. Indeed, the company is steadily improving the drink’s quality each day. Pattern is hardly recognized as it is rather a foil line and thus magnifies the natural golden shimmer effect even more. The bottle invites to touch the quality and read the details on the reverse side of the label. Modern classical style suggests that by presenting the item to a business partner one may launch new business projects.

Year: 2013
Website: azov.ru