Portfolio — Anti-Smoking Pack

Anti-Smoking Pack

Product design for social advertising

Scope of work:

Creative concept
Packaging design
Product design
Print materials

Handy format, portability, attractive design and wonderful colour presentation are the qualities of a perfect packaging to easily take it on a trip or share the content with friends or a soul mate, when reading a book or even before going to bed. The stylish organizer which appears to be an ultimate decision for every single occasion. All is thought over in details, but... It is a cigarettes packaging and it is coffin shaped...

Annually over 7 million people in the world die because of smoking. Unfortunately it happened that death of one person is a tragedy while death of millions is the simple statistics which never impresses. Human brain is naturally not ready yet to adequately comprehend such a scale not seeing the real picture. Is it worth applying to the society’s consciousness by means of cold figures? As part of an anti-smoking campaign, we wanted to draw the link between smoking and death through a compelling design. By drawing the cigarettes packaging as a coffin, we have created an obvious visual message ‘smoking kills’.

The conceptual packaging illustrates how close the health problems caused by smoking are to each of us. The key message of the image is to remind a smoker that each time the cigarettes packaging is bought he or she actually carries a small coffin in a pocket. Not saying about the danger of passive smoking. Now chilling out in a park next to the carriage and a baby peacefully sleeping in it, do relax and take a deep smoke. The traditional supporting text with a tired warning will be simply irrelevant.

Year: 2010
Site: cancerinstitute.org.au