About us — Exploration of Braziland the Iguazu Falls

Exploration of Braziland the Iguazu Falls

Inspiration comes the very moment when one should do usual things in the unusual circumstances. In such conditions, when finding the right solution, our brain starts to think outside the box. After crossing the Atlantic, changing the pole and having fun during the magnificent carnival in Rio, we suddenly realized that Brazil could offer something much more challenging than predictable leisure within one of the world’s mostly advertised beaches. Since, it is Brazil that presently has the largest territories not yet explored by humans. Due to what we immediately started for Manaus, the capital of Amazon, by the local airlines, then took a minivan to reach the river, and a speedboat to go further directly into the deep jungle. At that point it was already clear that we would know the country as it had been in its early days despite of the greedy urbanization trends.

Going into the wild jungle for a white tourist directly dependent on the up-to-date gadgets would mean fair death, that is why we took a guide, the direct descendant of Indigenous Brazilians, whose name was Juris. Jungle is his native house, which he likes much more than large cities. But for dense forests, permanent contrast between heat and rains, and the fact we were immediately attacked with the tropical insects, thirst for adventure only grew stronger. Jungle comes to life at night, and, should you know certain secrets of survival, it will turn to be less dangerous. For instance, it is possible to swim in the rivers despite piranhas and crocodiles, but in case you do it properly and in designated places only. One day, actually at night under the full moon, we went to find crocodiles. All the way we could never stop thinking that some miserable 10 cm of the canoe side separated us from the blood-chilling suspense of Amazon waters. That night we were unfortunately granted a meeting only with a couple of small representatives of the prehistoric creatures. Though maybe it was our luck...

But for fatigue and continuous tension because of the hazards waiting for us here and there, in addition to the jungle adventure we crossed Brazil almost entirely. Visiting the Iguazu, the world’s most beautiful waterfalls complex, was probably the most impressive thing in life. Fascinating singing of the furious waters and the incredible energy cannot be substituted with any background melody, and there are no such words to express the delight in seeing the cascades of astonishing beauty, playing under the numerous rainbow arcs. When going under it by motorboats, observing up from high from the helicopter and even touching when being that closest to it, the natural attraction never caused a spillover effect. The country’s richness in natural resources and cultural peculiarities contributed greatly to a special aftertaste from the exciting journey.