About us — Gallery the world’s best graphics №34 magazine

Gallery the world’s best graphics №34 magazine

Our design, developed for the modern and daring lingerie brand from Los Angeles “POM POM” was published in the magazine “The World's Best Graphics N 34”. Gallery Chois began its journey with the publication Gallery The World. The publishing house has completely devoted itself to designer books and magazines, focusing on architecture, fashion, graphic design, interior design and product design.

Magazine “Gallery The World’s Best Graphics” is published once every two months. It shows the latest graphic trends and presents the best samples from around the world in the field of identification, packaging, web pages, the environment, events and illustrations. The magazine is always in a search of works that carry creative ideas and have impeccable design execution.

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ISSN: 2074-496Х
Publisher: Choi's Gallery
English language
Cover: Softcover
Format: 215 x 260mm
Pages: 240