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BOB Production: Workspace

Monthly International Bob Interior Design Magazine published multiple Reynolds and Reyner projects. Together with the other world’s successful design leaders a number of our works within different design aspects gained attention of the audience. They serve such brands, as modern daring lingerie brand POM POM, Coffee House London in Kiev, Finnish paints company Waldo Trommler Paints, limited collection of Chinese tea Ji Qing Li, conceptual collection of elite champagne Colier and collection of sparkling wine Lazur.

Traditionally Bob offers valuable information as the ultimately informative portfolio of the highest quality due to what each reader may decently estimate the scale of uniqueness of the content presented. The innovative magazine is published both in English and Korean providing its perception the most effective and accessible worldwide. You are welcome to consider more detailed descriptions of each Reynolds and Reyner projects featured in Bob Interior Magazines within our official web.

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ISSN 1739-2845
Language: Korean/English
Size: 223 X 280
Pages: 176