About us — Reynolds and Reyner Web Development Department has been launched

Reynolds and Reyner Web Development Department has been launched

Our company has been working in both Ukrainian and International markets within over 10 recent years. With each project accomplished we upgrade our design and branding skills optimizing and making wider the range of services provided to our customers. And now we are happy to inform you we have made our team stronger and created the complete-staffed Web-Development Department targeted to transfer brands from the static environment to the interactive World Wide Web in its most detailed and scrupulous way. Five pixels extra, a long-time download, a slightly different font and a randomly caught Google picture prove to be the unacceptable phenomena within the present times. Nowadays the look of the website is even of a greater importance than the design of your office since the initial choice in your favour is made by the client right when observing the given site.

It is a long time ago when the idea of launching our web department rose. Many of our customers would apply to us for the service. Still we agreed to assist with design matters only not dealing with page-making and programming. As the result we were having the high-quality design actually implemented not in the very best way making site perception vague. At a time site appears to be the integral part of the company’s branding strategy. And it is not simply a picture with a text, it is the animation complexity, usability, correct display of the site in all the up-to-date browsers and perfect compatibility with all the gadgets including cell phones. Site from the point of view of design has not been that simple picture for a long time. It is the interactive environment where the content, its use and correct presentation are the main fields concentrating users’ attention.

Complex site development services provided by our company will be divided into three main stages, each requiring approval before upgrading to the next one. The first stage consists of site design, several concept options and backpage design, both for PC and mobile applications. The second stage is page-making, programming and temporary website content. We consider the site cannot be approved unless we see at least temporary texts and images applied, since they stand as the most significant elements of all modern sites. And the third stage is the multilingual content offered, filter and buying options or use of the media provided by the clients. As the extra service we are ready to provide technical support of the site which enables the client to update the site content, insert corrections and apply new technologies into the web efficiently and within the shortest terms.